18 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

star warsWhat can I say about this movie? WHAT CAN I SAY?!?!?!

Here’s everything I loved about this seventh installment of the Star Wars series (spoilers abound):

  • #feminism
  • Rey don’t need no dude to hold her hand while she runs.
  • Rey can fly the damn ship by herself.
  • Rey has the force.
  • Rey can save her own damn self.
  • Rey don’t need no lesson to use a light saber.
  • The feminism.
  • Rey don’t need to fall in love to be a whole, fully developed person.
  • Rey is a fighter, a survivor, and a person first. She is a woman second.
  • Have I mentioned the feminism?

Okay, that’s not all I loved about the movie, but as a person who frequently laments the presence of completely unnecessary romance in the midst of action movies (women will see action movies because we love action movies, we don’t need no stinkin’ romance!!!) this was everything I could have asked for and more. Even The Hunger Games, which features an unquestionably strong female lead, falls into the trope of forcing said lead to choose a man in order to be complete. This isn’t to say that, in the future, Rey can’t find romance, but I love that it is the least important part of the story here. Hooray for that.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) is everything Episodes I, II, and III failed to be. Whereas the prequels fell into the trap of using CGI because they could, TFA uses it only to complement well-choreographed fight scenes and good storytelling. We get a return to live-action Muppet-like creatures and witty dialogue and robotic comedy relief. The overall feeling of this movie was much more in line with Episodes IV, V, and VI and it couldn’t be more welcome.

Other things I loved about this movie:

  • There was a moment where I was sure Rey and Finn would bone. Then there was a moment where I was sure Finn and Poe would bone. I loved the ambiguity.
  • As old school macho as Han Solo is, he does not exclude Rey from the fight, nor does he tell Chewie to take care of her (a la Princess Leia). The old dog has learned some new tricks.
  • I hate 3D movies because they cost more, they rarely use it to its full capacity, and the glasses never stay on my face. This is the best use of 3D I’ve ever seen. I never once forgot it was a 3D movie.
  • Adam Driver. I’ve only seen him in Girls and This is Where I Leave You, where he plays basically the same character, so I was quite impressed with his acting here. (Also, they somehow made him rather pretty. I was not mad at that.)
  • I think the feminism is worth mentioning again.

On my five-star scale, this movie goes to 11. It is easily the best movie of 2015.



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